Refund Reissue Request

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Refund Reissue Request

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Refund Reissue Request

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Every year we file income tax returns. And we either pay taxes or claim refund while filing income tax returns. One can claim refund when TDS deducted or total taxes paid is more than the total tax payable on income. In this article we cover issues with respect to refund and refund reissue requests.


How much time does it take for refunds and reissue requests to process? When are refunds processed?

The refunds are processed along with the returns. Over the years the refund processing systems have evolved. Nowadays, one may expect the receipt of refunds within 15 days of filing returns. However, it may take more time. Generally, refunds are received within 90 days.

How are refunds received?

On completion of processing returns, the refund is credited to your bank account.

What can be the reasons for refund failure or failure to receive refund?

The following can be the reasons for refund failure:

  • Invalid account number
  • Invalid IFSC code
  • Name mismatch with bank account holder
  • Account has been closed
  • Expired cheque
  • Invalid address

In all the above cases a refund reissue request has to be made.

What are the steps to request for refund reissue? How to raise a refund reissue request?

Here is a step by step guide to for a refund reissue request:

Step 1 – Login to Income Tax Department website. Enter your ‘User ID’, ‘Password’, ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Captcha Code’.

Step 2 – Go to ‘My Account’. In the drop down click on ‘Service Request’.

Step 3 – In the ‘Request Type’ click on ‘New Request’, And select ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’.

Step 4 – A screen like this will be displayed. Click on ‘Submit’ under ‘Response’ column.

Step 5 –  Fill in the ‘Bank Account Number’, ‘Account Type’. ‘IFSC Code’ and ‘Bank  Name’ and click on ‘Submit’.

If everything is okay, within days of reissue request the refund will be credit to your bank account.

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