• Applicability Check
  • Documentation
  • Composition scheme
  • Return preparation
  • Monthly/Quarterly Filing
  • Annual Filing
  • ~ 3 to 7 Days


  • Salary Income || IFOS
  • House Property Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Business & Profession
  • Application Filing
  • No Visit Required
  • ~ 2 to 7 Days


  • TDS Computation
  • Documentation
  • TDS on property
  • Challan/ PAN verification
  • FVU Generation
  • Form 16/16A Generation
  • ~ 3 to 7 Days


  • Annual Returns
  • AOC 4 & MGT 7
  • Change of Address
  • Change in Directors
  • Accounts Filing
  • Change in Address
  • Change in Capital


All registered businesses have to file monthly, quarterly and/or annual GST Returns based on the type of business.

Seamless GST compliance and hassle-free GST return filings.Monthly, quarterly and/or annual GST Returns Filing plans based on the type of business.

  • GSTR 1
  • GSTR 2
  • GSTR 3
  • GSTR 4
  • GSTR 5
  • GSTR 6
  • GSTR 7
  • GSTR 8
  • GSTR 9
  • GSTR 10
  • GSTR 11


Why File Income Tax Returns?

An Income Tax Return is a statement of income earned during the year. It is used to calculate the tax liability and payment or refund of taxes. Thus, the purpose of filing the return is to report our income and taxes paid thereon to the Government.

Our step-by-step process asks you basic information about your salary, home, investments and more. We ensure accurate filing of returns. Every return filed is checked for accuracy and completeness.

Everything that you enter goes through a robust system of checks designed by our tax experts. The returns are also manually reviewed by our tax team to help our users file accurately

Salary Income

Plans designed for the Salaried employee with one form 16 with interest income.

Starting from


House property

Plans designed for the Salaried employees with multiple form 16 and income from more than one house property.

Starting from


Capital Gains

Plans designed for persons with capital gains from sale of property and stocks/mutual funds [ONLY delivery based].

Starting from


Presumptive income

Plans designed for Businesses having annual turnover under Rs. 2 crores and not liable for tax audit.


Professionals or Freelancers having annual gross receipts under Rs. 50 lakh and not liable for tax audit

Starting from


Business income

Plans designed for Businesses maintaining books of accounts and not liable for tax audit.

Starting from


This plan usually requires customisation. We recommend contacting us for customising the plan as per your requirements.


TDS or Tax Deduction at Source simplifies the procedure of deducting tax on behalf of the government. Business entities that make payments with respect to salaries, rents, etc. are responsible for deducting TDS and remit the said amount to the Central Government. It is mandatory for such entities to have a TAN (Tax deduction and collection Account Number). TDS Return Filing is the next step, which is to be done on a quarterly basis.

TDS returns for small businesses

Get experts to file your TDS returns and to claim your TDS refund.

  • PAN Verification
  • Challan Verification
  • Online/FVU Generation

For Upto 10 Deductees



For Upto 20 Deductees



Looking for more plans?

Contact Us now for Customised Solutions.

TDS on Purchase of Property

TDS on property is required to be furnished in Form 26QB which is a challan cum return. Get experts to file your TDS returns on purchase of property.

File upto 4 returns for




Standalone Forms

The Registrar of Companies (RoC) is to be intimated of all the changes that happen in a company. These changes include changes in directors, places of business, charges on the assets of the company and much more. These changes are to be intimated to the RoC by filing forms with on MCA website. Contact Us today to get started.

  • Change of Address
  • Registration of Charge
  • Alteration of MOA & AOA
  • Change in Share Capital
  • Change in Directors
  • Appointment of Auditors

Annual Compliances

Every Company and Limited Liability Partnership Firm need to file annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Delay or non filing of return attracts heavy interest and penalties. This plan designed to provide you professional help in filing your returns.

  • AOC - 4
  • MGT - 7
  • Directors Report & Minutes